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Aion Eternity Band

Aion Eternity Band

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The Greek word "Aion" or αἰών, originally meant "life, whole lifetime, generation". Over time, it evolved to mean "never-ending" or "eternal". Our Aion (eternity) band is a testament to this concept. The band features a subtle touch of Alexis' signature style, where she uses hand-sculpted white gold rocks to separate each diamond, giving it a unique look. This makes it a perfect match to complement any of her mixed metal pieces. Alternatively, it can also be paired with other artists' or heirloom pieces from your collection.


-Artist Alexis Pavlantos

-Solid 14k yellow gold (see specifications for metal variations) 

Available in:

-14k yellow gold with 14k white gold rock accents and white diamonds OR

-14k yellow gold with 14k rose gold rock accents and champagne diamonds

-14k yellow gold with 14k white gold rock accents and a rainbow variety of sapphires

-13 diamonds or sapphires at 0.60 carat weight total 

-Custom sizing please allow 4-5 weeks for re-sizing 

-Please allow 3-4 weeks for resizing

- Each ring has approximately 0.60 carat weight of stones 

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