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luana coonen

Small Golden Teardrop Earrings

Small Golden Teardrop Earrings

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These exquisite earrings by Luana Coonen perfectly blend elegance with a bold statement. The artistically "shattered" 23k gold leaf is carefully placed between two thin layers of polycarbonate, a lightweight material commonly used to make eyeglasses. One layer of the polycarbonate is black, while the other is clear, creating a beautiful contrast of black and gold. The earrings feature sterling silver teardrops suspended from 14k yellow-gold earwires, making them an excellent option for individuals with metal allergies. Despite their size, these earrings are medium-light in weight and easy to wear.


- Artist Luana Coonen

- Sterling silver, 14k gold, 23k gold, clear polycarbonate, black polycarbonate.

-Measurements teardrops: 1” long
total earring length: 1.5”

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