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Reaching Beetles Ring

Reaching Beetles Ring

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Our classic reaching chameleons have metamorphosed into another series of creatures longing to be close to one another. Sometimes distance, a hurdle, COVID separate us from ourselves or a loved one, this classic reaching creature ring is a saga toward finding a way to come back together, to meet somewhere in the middle, to celebrate the discomfort of the reach. Relationships, love, life can be so challenging but everything is better when we are together and meeting in the middle symbolizes the most beautiful part. 

On this beetle ring two hand carved beetles reach for one another on a ring band in 14k yellow gold. In the center where their hands come together lays a beautiful repurposed 3.5mm diamond. 


-Recycled 14k Yellow Gold

-Recycled 3.5mm Diamond

-Available in size 6.25 but can be re-sized (please allow up to two weeks for resizing)

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