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Wabi Sabi Mati Ring

Wabi Sabi Mati Ring

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In this ring I applied metalsmithing to mirror the Japanese technique referred to as Kintsugi. Kintsugi, is a technique used primarily in ceramics to mend broken parts with gold, enhancing the beauty and the mistakes that can happen within the process. Beauty lays in the imperfections or at least this is what the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi teaches us to embrace. 

"Mati" is the Greek word for the eye of protection, said to protect its wearer form evil and protect from negative energy. When making this ring the marquise ruby had a fracture line through the center of it, common in natural gemstones. In order to go with natural formation of the stone I cut the stone in half and then created a beautiful eye like formation accidentally. 

Combining the philosophical practice of Wabi Sabi to embrace imperfections with the Mati as a protector this ring will act as the perfect talisman.  

This one of a kind ring is 14k yellow gold with 14k rose gold accents, sprinkled with rubies and rough diamonds throughout the ring. 

One of a kind ring available in a size 6, please allow 3-4 weeks for re-sizing. 

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